Looking for a FM conversion for your vehicle? IMI Lite is for you!

Remember how it feels when you have just bought an imported vehicle from Japan (JDM) and you are clueless on to changing the Japanese car radio to English?  If finding the right solution for fm conversion is your problem , you are definitely at the right place and do continue to reading.

There are many misconceptions about the commonly known FM modulator and FM transmitter. They may both have the same features but are easily distinguishable.Lets go through the good points and bad points shall we? Il promise to give you the best solution to your problem at the end.

Product Description FM modulators come in two forms: wireless and hard-wired. A wireless FM modulator also known as an (FM transmitter) plugs a listening device straight into your car’s cigarette lighter socket. A hard-wired FM modulator is connected via wires directly to your car’s antenna unit, creating a solid connection for the listening device.
  •       Plug and Play
  •       Cheap and affordable
  •       Better audio quality
  •       Weak radio signal
  •       Poor quality for audio playing
  •       No guarantee results
  •        Expensive than FM Modulator
  •        Complicated installation process
  •        Time consumes for self-installation
  • Easy
  • Difficult
  • Cheap
  • Expensive
  • No
  • Yes
Image FM Modulator for enable music for Japanese cars Fm Modulator to provide Audio system for cars

Ever wondered what if there was a solution that could all together solve your issue at hand and leave you no worries at all? Lesser the headache and straight to the point right?

Lets be real , if you are only interested in FM conversion and USB input , FSK’s I.M.I Lite is the perfect fit for you. It is priced ridiculously affordable and we have a guaranteed after sales service just for you.



However , if your more tech savvy and you would like more functions with your head unit . I.M.I LITE TOUCH PACKAGE may be more suited for you. Its fm conversion is a complete version as it provides you local FM, GPS, USB and Bluetooth.



Last but not least , if your driving an Alphard / Harrier / Vellfire 2014 2015 2016 onwards , you would most likely be able to use our latest I.M.I PRO on your new drive.

I.M.I PRO Function video


35 thoughts on “Looking for a FM conversion for your vehicle? IMI Lite is for you!

  1. Johari says:

    Excited to imi sys. Mine is estima 2006 mode. Originally have 3 cameras front, left side and back. Can link those cameras?
    Can reply via email,

    • FSK Admin says:

      Yes the IMI lite is the right choice for you. The camera will not be affected as the IMI lite is an interface which it will have this benefit:
      1) japanese to english language
      2) fm conversion (able to listen to higher frequency channels)
      3) USB for music/movie

      You may add-on:
      1) wireless mirror link (for navigation and everything from the phone will be shown in the head unit).

      Between, do let us know where are you from, so we could provide more details for you. thank you

  2. Natasha says:

    Hi how much for this imi system if i use a honda odyssey ? Year is 2013. But its same version as 2014 onwards.

  3. Awang says:

    May i know how much the cost for 2014 Vellfire ANH20:

    1) japanese to english language
    2) fm conversion (able to listen to higher frequency channels)
    3) USB for music/movie


  4. Izwan says:

    Hi… I am using vellfire 2013. Interested with IMI Lite Touch Package. What is the cost for the whole set? I am in Terengganu, shall i go to Klang for installation?

    • FSK Admin says:

      Hi Izwan, Do you mind to send me a picture of your head unit first? Please whatsapp me at 0123761466

  5. Lien says:

    Hi do you have suitable system for Porsche Macan? Existing radio is Clarion from Japan unitwith GPS and Bluetooth

  6. Farhy says:

    Hi, im driving a vellfire 2016. Do you have any branches in northern part and f malaysia. How much will the installation cost me??

  7. hatta says:

    hello, i am having 2015 odyssey rc1 recond from japan, current headunit is japanese language brand gathers vxm-155vfei, is it possible to change language and fm converter?

  8. Almamun ali says:

    Hi I have a Nissan serena shybrid 2015 c26 model..I have a built in Nissan system with aux Bluetooth and usb the problem is it’s in Japanese can that be changed on the system itself or what would you advice..I have asked many experts theybadvice me to keep the original as it’s buikt in with diagnostics if the car..I can play cd mo3 and use usb but finding it hard in terms of language as it’s in Japanese..If you can tell me if that particular model has English language setting I will be greatfull..Also experts have told me to fit a dab radio to listen to llnthe radio channels what would be your advice

  9. Fowzy says:

    I have a 2007 Toyota estima with back front and side camera and steering controls which system would be plug and play please

  10. Stefano says:

    Hello I have a 2006 estima I am interested in the IMI light touch package with Bluetooth and GPS
    I am in Australia do you have Australia maps and how much including postage please to Sydney

  11. rosmann says:

    hello…I have 2014 Toyota Harrier Hybrid 2.5. Will the device convert japanese to English not just the radio function but others as well such as NAV etc?

  12. Rashidi says:

    I am Rashidi from Seri Kembangan.
    I own Estima model 2016, and currently have original radio set with Japanese language which also link to reverse camera, bluetooth, radio (<90fm HZ),etc.
    My questions:
    1) can i change the language to English and maintaining the current system
    2) how to increase the FM frequency to suit Malaysia radio frequencies?
    3) If in future I'm installing DVD player, am I able to link with the current system?
    4) what will be the estimated price breakdown for item 1,2
    Also – your nearest shop

    • Dikson Phang says:

      Hi Rashidi,

      If your car stereo is JBL system, you can install IMI Pro in your stereo, if not, than IMI lite will be suitable for you. These two item can solve your problem (1) and (2). The item price please review our Estore.

      You will need to change the head unit, if you wanna install the DVD player.

      For more info, pls whatsapp us: 012-376 1466. Thanks.

  13. AziZ says:

    I have a nissan murano 2012. Need to know about how to do changes to the display panel
    1).How can i convert the text from japanese to english
    2) how can I increase the FM radio signal band? Now only able from 70-90Mhz only.
    3). Can I install a dvd player to the screen

    • Dikson Phang says:

      Hi, thanks for contact us, you can consider install an IMI lite in your car head unit. IMI Lite can help to convert language to English, and expand radio FM frequency.

      About the DVD player, I recommend you change a new head unit. for more info, please contact us: Whatsapp +6012 376 1466

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